So will lance and 50% maim mod

Completely resist maim? Or will it be ~75%


Please explain why you think it would be 75 last I check 50 plus 50 didn’t equal 75

50 percent is 50, 50 percent of that is 25 for an overall reduction of 75. Not sure if that’s how it works but it is what the op is asking.


No, it doesnt stack like that. Everything in this game is rng, a coin flip. Heads you win, tails you lose. The lead skill and the mod are 2 separate coin flips, so his lead skill will flip and heads you resist, tails you dont, then his mod will flip, heads you resist, tails you dont.


So… if you are paying real money for this it’s gambling?

Since scopley hiding that information , be sure it doesn’t stack . Other wise scopley would’ve said that in character spotlights.
You know they love money . But since they’ve hide it that means they don’t want players to know something that effects sells

This is and has always been a gambling app. People can say what they want, this is gambling, all the way to a fight, when you attack, it is a gamble if you will get stunned or not, a gamble if you will disarm the enemy or not, no skills, not even really p2w, it is pay to take a chance (gamble) to win.

Which, if you calculate the odds, means a 75% chance of at least one heads from those two coin flips, and ergo 75% chance to resist.

@Jim_Mac is right, assuming it works the way @How2Zombies describes

" Functional Notes

  • Maim Resistance does not stack with Mods.
  • We believe that this frees up your mod slots where you were using Maim Resist Mods for something better"

But that doesn’t mean that the 50% and 50% doesn’t apply as two rolls of the dice. Just that having both doesn’t stack

ask Scopely about two rolls :smiley:

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