So who's the better pick?

Haha, yep. Got a plat att when taunted too :slight_smile:

Like frida said. You need to focus first so ivonova is ideal.

She used you as fodder.

Sounds kinda hot ngl

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Lol. Like a Black Widow spider or something?

What you want the toons for depends which one to pick.

Have S-class versions of all? None needs a Dupe, except Aarav where two on a team could be lethal (especially Damage role arenas).
If you haven’t got one of the S-class and picking the 5* would bring you almost to completing it, then Aarav, Wangfa, Daiyu, Guo.
Can’t really go for an S-class? 6* versions quite suck, but 5* version of Aarac can be extremely useful for old school - T1 arena team, as well as a roadmap killer.

I got a maxed Aarav (with a maxed 5* copy for old school), a v15 Wangfa, two 6* Guos and one 6* Daiyu. I am severely torn between going for Daiyu S-class (combining with War market) and getting a 2nd 5* Aarav for old school to up my T1 from 75% to 95%…

The good thing about Jiafeng is that she can both hemorrhage and lacerate. You don’t need another lacerator, as you can only double the bleed once per turn. Better to use extra AP down, impair, Guardian Shield etc to keep Negan from cleansing all, and some survivability.


Just a reminder that Old School Arena only allows each toon once, so while a second Aarav gives you some staying power in Endurance, you can’t have both on the same team.

I’m going Wangfa if you not a high level player, go bleed those mothers

True, but she applies hemorrhage to multiple targets, including the components. If you combine her with an additional lacerator, you can take out multiple components whilst stacking up immense damage.

Taking out components isn’t essential, but can additional attacks easier for you and your faction. It also makes Negan less of a threat to your team. Damage towards the components doesn’t count towards score, but can help weaken Negan for your faction.

I’m not saying it’s necessarily optimal, but it’s another potential use

This was my thinking precisely. Fortunately, I already had S class Aarav, two Guo, two Wangfa so I just went with Daiyu.

If you don’t have Aarav, he’s one of the game changers. If you are thinking of using Trader or another infection toon, Wangfa may be very useful.

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Daaaaaaamn. Thanks for the warning. I don’t need another Aarav then, since I never ever exhaust him in old school endurance (got 4 usable melee AP / atk leads, 4 usable commands and 6 usable supporting attackers to mix the yellow/green to ensure 8% and 15/35 boost to Aarav who is the pivotal toon in the team).

Guess it’s Daiyu or bust :smiley:

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