So who's the better pick?

I was hoping someone else has already asked, but searching through the forums I didn’t see any asking for the battle pass reward.

I’m leaning towards Aarav or maybe Wangfa. But to be honest I really have no clue.
Thank you in advance for any advice.

Aarav is probably the best of that group if you don’t have him. Daiyu can fit on some defenses, but she’s support and not a key part. Wangfa is really good on an infection team, more of a key character than Daiyu but still requires other toons to make him good. And there are people who use Guo as a sort of Doc Stevens with his AP gain mechanic, but I don’t hear much else about him.


I wasn’t sure who to go for either, mostly because I didn’t want any of them :laughing:

I just got S-Class wangfa, not bothered about a second one. I have 2 5* Daiyu and guo already and waiting on cards for the S-Classes so another 5* wouldn’t be any use.

So I went for Aarav, even though I have already claimed all 4 5 stars already and am nearly at my second S-Class. I figured if I leave him as a 5 star he’ll be useful, with all the events requiring a 5 star team lately.

Basically look at what’s going to work best for you.


If you’re taking to S-Class, then Aarav or Wangfa.

I have all S-Classes, or at least the 2 5*s (Daiyu). So I took Aarav so I can ruin someone’s Old School Arenas maybe. Lol


I just took daiyu and used her as fodder


It’s possible to make guo very powerful but only works in certain situations. Aarav is better.


Aarav, Wangfa, Guo, Daiyu. My picks in that order


Picked daiyu since I like her design and she can work well with jiafeng for FA.

I already have a guo, wangfa, and I’m only a few cards short on arrav.
Worth mentioning they aren’t s-class but the only ones I’m working about getting there are wangfa and Arrav.

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I already have double arrav so my choice would be wangfa personally he has bleed, Hemorrhage and heal reduction which is really good with Mateo trader and any bleed team.

I would completely understand why someone would with guo his ap gain is incredibly powerful.

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Aarav for 5* arenas was my choice.

Attack when taunted :smirk:

I use it against t2 taunt Rositas, I love when people max her AS :blush:

I will say it depends on your team tbf

Now, that’s really cute.

I went for Gau - I have one 5 star already so its now about collecting the cards, I already have S Aarav form that ride token thing, havnt really used him yet, still in the leveling up process, stuck between t2 and t3.

I have Daiyu - and I love her! She is great, she Lacerates Bleed damage, and if you come up against something real tankey, like a well build Aaron or something - you just put that 200% infection on him and ignore him.

I have a 5 star wangfa, and see that he could be real useful in roadmaps, fac assault, and SR, that hemo bleed is awesome!

Im just thinking with Sec Gau, well I have theory, that he would work well as an infection / burn team leader with his heal reduction lead skill, it can help Mateo and and The Trader keep there little infections on, and with his burn you could chuck Jobe in there, and have all sorts of carnage going on.

It’s true.
I’m running out of epics for fodder.

How? With the bp crates and bear maps giving thousands of basic tokens, how are you running out.

I keep one copy of most 5* for collection purposes and I still wind up with tons of fodder.

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Idk maybe I’m just cursed

Jesus! What weapon and mods are on the guo

Atk when taunted and a good atk weapon. Guo’s atk is aoe so hit the toon in the middle, that atk is the sum of the atk in 5 toons.

I picked Aarav just bc I had more cards for him than anyone else there and bc I already collected one 5* from his collection.
I figured that way he would be a little easier to get his S Class version.