So who's done alredy

I’ve alredy finished the event and I’m guessing a lot. More have too


I’ve finished the rms, not getting any disease hazard pillowcases

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There not diesese hazzrards there previous items from the murder of Spencer
Like all murders you gotta sell that evidence off in the black market or the popo will get ya

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The bloody buckets are the next item they will sell off, cant leave any evidence

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Spencer? Then definitely disease hazard

Nope still got the stupid 4* road map

beat it but wtf are the rewards? lmao.

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Nahh gonna use free E to run these as much as possible. These maps are gas guzzlers


I’m done not taking part🤗

Exactly. 8 days for meh and nothing else happening in the game. What with it being promotion week so a race to the bottom.

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I’m waiting to finish the 4* roadmap. Have 3 4* to work with lol

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