So who should I ascend next?

So I have enough medals to ascend 4 characters and I currently have 7 ascendable 5*s, but I don’t know which ones I should be ascending. Well it’s not exactly that I don’t know, it’s more like I’m not sure, haha. So here I am looking for your advice.

Here’s my current teams.
My attack team:

My defense team (almost the same but it’s been performing really well…)

And here’s the ascendables I have. I also have a 6* Aaron that I don’t know if I should be using. I also have 5* Kate which I think could be useful.

My thoughts are:

6 Aaron*: doesn’t seem like a good toon or at least not for my teams.
Richard: I kinda want to try to use him instead of 5* Rosita, but she stuns which I find extremely useful. Replacing 5* Jesus was also on my mind but Jesus hits like a truck.
Yellow Yumiko: I know she’s good but not having a good lead for melee is making me hesitate.
Blue Yumiko: I am tempted to ascend her cause she would benefit from Erika as a lead?
Javier: I’m not interested in ascending him for now.
Green Garrett: Not interested for now either.
Hunter: this is one I’m sure I want to ascend, as he could be a nice addition to the defense team, replacing Jesus maybe? thoughts?
Gator: not interested for now.

I’ve only been playing since July so I am still learning and your advice will be very appreciated!

Are you prioritizing att or def?

For attack, go Bluemiko, she does good dmg, and active confuse helps against shields

For defense, hunter for 2nd revive.

I don’t know…which one of my teams do you think has more room for improvement? I’ve been doing fine with both but there’s always room for improvement.

Your att, could use some more damge, so id prioritize bluemiko.

Who would you switch for her?

Id actually drop both jesus and rosita, and use konrad on attack to prevent dmg to your other toons, and for the chance to block attacks/ stop enemies from gaining AP

I’ll try that! Thank you! Forgot to say that my Aris has absolute def too. Surprisingly I got it at the first try.

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If you ascend Javier, Hunter and both Yumikos, you could create a nice blue yellow team along with Aris.

I see a blue/yellow team here.

I’d go in ascending Javier / yellow Yumiko / Blue Yumi / Hunter

So you would have: Javier/ Yellow Yumi / Aris / Hunter / Erika (or Blue Yumiko)

Otherwise you can go also as a def: Erika / Hunter / Konrad / Blue Yumi / Aris(for the Lulz)

its the definition of skopeli “rng”. giving people better toons and the start so they dont quit. youve got 4x 6☆ and 2x 6☆ revives. people have 127 lvl and cant pull one.

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you cant keep the people quiet, you skopeli employee. trying to make us look ridiculous.



A few of these (3 I think) came from the Anniversary tokens, that had really good chances for getting ascendables. The others I guess I got real lucky. I have spent some money on the game, but just for a couple of 1€ offers that had tokens. Then I also got some coins from the league and from some offers, plus I farm the videos everyday. I got yellow Yumiko and Hunter from pulling from banners while the x2 chances are still up. But I know I’ve gotten real lucky.

i dont believe its luck, but its cool youve got good toons. im all for new people getting good toons otherwise the gap is so big. but they bluff us with rng where its not true.

ascend hunter and go with two revives, craft stun gun and impair and hope for a shield and youre set.

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