So who is responsible for prizes?


Lol for those who can’t see Bob’s reply to me, it takes you to a link for Wiki with the definition of buttlicker. This is an attack on me for having my own opinion.




I believe the opposite is the case. In my region people are spending less in recent months. It seems the logic at Scopely is that if people are not spending we have to give them less stuff. Because if we gave them the stuff for prizes they don’t have no reason to buy our ridiculous offers.

Not that going for the prizes would change anything.

Prizes are determined by a non transparent data interpretation and a blame oriented management. I believe since revenue went down because people were spending less, everyone is afraid to being blamed for that. So the save way to go is to cut down prizes … of course from a players perspective that doesn’t make sense, but this perspective is not found at Scopely

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