So who is responsible for prizes?


and are they mentally challenged or just complete jerks that love screw us over every chance they get? Why at this point are any of these acceptable prizes for an event we have been begging for? #playersfirsttogetbentover

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It would be great if the called LiveOPSTeam or whatever it is could give as a thought and try to explain the reason for such bad prizes.


Is it by committee or is it one person that decides?

Seems like there are a lot of meetings, are rewards ever discussed at meetings?


Really that’s what i would love to hear not just telephone game where things always get lost.

A direct contact from a LiveOps person explaining why and how they think these prizes are good for players etc.

Whether is some game economy bs or pure business just be honest. I think most would rather be told the truth than feel like were being treated like idiots and well just gobble up some calculated release statement.

A little respect would go a long way, most here try to be but when you make people feel like their idiots can’t expect everyone to take the high road.


Agreed, my ass is way over it’s smoke capacity already.


live operation (Scopely): people there uses the server tools to create all live dynamic data in game (events come here). [They don’t need a new version to add stuff to the game, however it might need server update in order to add new stuff]

by CombatDevil


How about to add prizes that actually have value to the long time player?


I don’t get it. Every Single Up u can get good prizes for just 2 Millions Points. What do you want more? (Sarcasm off now)


Seems just like they want to push their long term players out so they can hopefully hook a new round of suckers that may be more likely to start spending again.


Yes the prizes may not seem like much. But, those gold medals are getting harder to come by. Better gear crates and silver medals may have increased utility.


I’m guessing the same person(s) who is (are) keeping Benedict as a hostage.


i am next event ya getting coal



Live ops probably tells Kali,
“look we’re gonna put in some shit rewards again, so you’re going to be catching some heat from the community, but you know how it goes, the boss wants us to squeeze em dry and give nothing in return”.

To which Kali just sighs “yep” and goes to make a drink at the scopely bar.


How often did people explain to you @kalishane how and why these type of prizes are a slap in the face of long term players?

How often did you respond by saying „thank you for the feedback, we are working on it“.

Don’t you see that we feel ridiculed at some point?

Honestly, I would love to know if this LiveOps Team just doesn’t get it or whether they are trolls who want see more videos like the one of @LeeRussell


I blame the players for the reward structure bc every event and thing they buy in the game, Scopley sees that and thinks that’s what the majority of players like, since they participated in it. Only way rewards will change is as if everyone boycotts the horrific prize events, but even that will be impossible to do since whales love to pay to win. Real shit. This isn’t a troll either. That’s my two cents.

Oh, and every time players complain, they change the rewards. When people complained about getting trainers and medals as rewards, they took it away and switched it with 5* tokens, elite tokens, and elite gear. Now people want medals back and trainers. Smh you can’t please everyone, so if players wouldn’t have complained about the trainers and medals rewards, then maybe we would have enough benedicts to ascend our toons.

Apparently Scopley is true to their players first because they listened when players hated getting medals as prizes, so they took it away. Point is, that anything we complain about, Scopley will either take it away, or keep the same stuff, or make it somewhat better. Too many of us we’re complaining about events, so they listened and about to give us Negan in a Tank event which looks good.


No, you’re wrong. Most players asked scopely to stop giving medals as main rewards, not to stop giving them altogether. We were told that we would get medals from roadmaps also, where are the said roadmaps?


I saw the rewards, all i have to say is FUCK YOU


Awww. How cute. Can’t have a normal conversation without using memes? At least explain what about this guy you dont agree with. Lol


Terrible Terrible Prizes… AGAIN!!!