So who is moving where?


Word on the RTS street is that a lot of factions are considering changing regions. While this will likely result in some form of shitshow, it would be helpful to coordinate somewhat in advance. If any faction would like to set out where they intend to move, feel free to comment below or PM me.

Let’s stop filling Scopely’s pockets with our coins!


Mmm. I’ve moved to a good region.
No trolls, no cheaters, and shared terries…


Whereabouts is that?


Keep it on the hush hush @DeanDomino


Right. My lips are sealed.


Yeah nothing says ‘please come fuck up my region’ quite like a recruitment post on the forums.


Which is why you don’t tell them the region until you see their faction strength. Though that is also flawed.


“Hey we want competition.” proceeds to complain on forum about whales ruining the region


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