So, who got these?


If you got them , leave there roster proofs!


Carmen is still unaviable


Gotten andrew and jean from training grounds


In my SD.


Got him from training grounds so he’s new I think?


That’s 3* Allen, I need 4* Allen who’s only on the Worldmap :pensive:. But still Thanks


Thought that might be a decent substitute for you until you get him :sunglasses:


I have him the 3* 4 Times. He once was part of my Fun Team “Secret Elite”, but he just
dies too quick :neutral_face:



Straight to the depot, do not pass go, do not collect £200


Roster Screenshot of her?


Ahhh you wanna see if her mug shot is any good?


She’s problably the character I want the least from the new added, which means in my luck I will get her, Wohoo