So who got an ascenbae or better from Halloween wheel


one of my faction mats got the blue negan some say the only good negan and another got yellow morgan


Yellow Negan… Don’t have him, but not excited for him.


he stalls but he needs an absolute defense weapon like many other character he was good for his time which was the beginning of six stars


He can stall long with a heavy focus on defense, but that will require teams to actively hit him, and only him. If his rush had taunt or something(in addition to his taunt on active), he’d be good for that role.

But also, bleed/burn mods, maim damage, and some defense reduction AR characters can render him useless. So skip IMO.


i ascend my he sitting at max tier 3 i only ascedned him because i didn’t have many six stars


i pulled red davie!!! so happy :slight_smile:


I got a 6 star straight up

Jeremiah tho


I got 5 star green alpha but it was my 4th so…


Trash from both wheels


oh and 5 star Koa


5* Sexy ass Axel yeah budddyyyy ^_^😐


I really didn’t need any more strong 6*s but I’m just happy it’s not more stupid dupes. Have too many as it is.


Yes but that toon has something not many have decap


Is it worth buying the token crate for 230 coins for a pull on this wheel?
i’m assuming no.
edit: nvm, was thinking of konrad wheel.


I’m not wasting my time I have long history of pulling worthless garbage


Got this beauty! Gonna be unstoppable now.


Lol. Tyjtytytyty


Grabbed a 6* red Gov. Is my 3rd. Not thrilled but could have been much worse.


I got yellow beta, pretty happy with the pull


I got my 4th yellow negan.
I won’t be ascending this one either.