So.....Where is our F2p shield JB?


companies need to make money
this ain’t a charity!
they could just make ads pop up every 30 seconds
or charge for anything that’s good


Ever heard of promo pulls?


which is charging for anything good??


Shield is coming season 4 possibly season 5 depending on when the LA team can get back to us confirmed by JB and @Wanderer


la lakers? le bron on call?


Shield?Bruh I need decap


Some of the scopely guys over in LA are so good at their job you could compare them to LeBron James.


From what I hear the 2nd f2p decap will either be season 5 or season 6 possible season 4.


Good to hear that.


but le bron is doing crap at Lakers… what does that mean


I heard shield revive in season 7 and by season 8 we have 7 stars


i hear shield are coming in season 9 or s10 but definaitly in season 12 so stay tunned guyz


no way man , its definiate season 7 or maybe both…
I heard season 12 had laser guns, which ate the new 6 star weapons


Didn’t you say we may be getting a shield this season in the league store


Getting harder to defend their actions isn’t it lol. It honestly seems like they have no appreciation for their players these days


I mean… we need more shields anyway?


yep there should be atleast 5 to 6 shield of each trait acording to scopley


Most likely we will but there’s the slight 5% possiblity that the shield is season 5 but still 95% chance the shield comes season 4 also I say this because I don’t want to lie to you and want you to know the possibilities thank you for bearing with us I hope you have a wonderful day.

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