So.....Where is our F2p shield JB?


I think you misunderstand - Until your post, I hadn’t made any statement in this thread about Scopely. All my responses were disagreeing with the argument that ‘it’s not free because not everyone has a credit card’. That’s what the comments about language were about. You can’t redefine the word ‘free’ to suit your own vision. Our society as a whole has accepted that free trials often have restrictions and the word free just means you don’t have to spend money to get it.

So again, was the shield ‘free’? Yes, absolutely.


Was the shield, Free. Yes
Why are you using it as a straw man to ignore all the other issues (notably, scopes shady nature)?


Because that’s what this thread is about.


Should I create a new thread to allow a response for the bigger question?


We get those, too, and I respond to them as well. (Probably not today, though, Wednesdays are busy).


i am talking about f2p huge ap on attack plus 40 attack leader toon for f2p players



I didn’t vote because none of the options were suitable for my opinion.
Imposing a Yes/No on a poll doesn’t leave the neutrality or other options, what if others don’t care / play the same amount they did ?

Your poll is purely subjective as using the negative emotions for a reacting into your bias, so well, you’re not getting any objective arguments anyway.

  1. So you’re saying that if Scopely has 5 units of resource (time/money):
    they spend more in the game enjoy-ability/fixing bugs/building cool new features…
    than they spend on crafting new offers/events designed to make users spend money?
    (eg, territory popups & buying food in bulk have been a year “on their radar” vs the last new feature was Onslaught… before that was Leagues, 6*s, Armory. War & SR was created in around their first year)

  2. the evolution of the game since you’ve started playing has stayed completely equal and that your trust that the game wont shut down (eg enough players retire) is also completely even?

  3. your faction has yet to lose a player due to retirement? That’s quite the claim, considering 30-40 of the top 100 players(rep) in my region have retired. From the other regions I’ve visited, that might be slightly high (as we have a number of ESL/A-hole factions that have moved in) Being very familiar with the region populations, most have slumped big time.


Not what they said :joy:


Scopley lies
The Gm’s lie
The dev’s lie
Albert lied lovely letter low
The white knights the apologists except this cover for them. They are like lawyers lol with dictionarys “it was free” technically but in that once you say it already know your “technically” a brown nose or a troll same thing I guess “technically”.
51L8PqzjGrL scopley giving money free money


@GHOSTONMETOAST wtf is dis? Anime being posted by not just @High_Power anymore :scream: its spreading! We will soon all be infected by the anime virus!


If he said people in his faction dont retire, he is lying lol in fact his og fac changed their name and most of the og memebers are gone, not even the same fac now





But I thought you quit the game…not oh I am just am going to free to play the game…hehehe


I quit the game, even put retired as my name in game so you know its serious


I left my name as a tombstone. Even put Glenn as my profile pic so you know it’s deep.


I think JB learned his lesson. At the end of the day, he didn’t have to comment and shouldn’t have made that comment. There were a lot of posts asking for a free shield back then. If he never made that comment, we would have just all moved along and this wouldn’t be an issue because I mean, nobody should really expect a free shield. I have a feeling this is why he doesn’t comment nearly as much.


He doesn’t comment because he’s the cm for another game now.


This should be pinned to the top of the forums.