So.....Where is our F2p shield JB?


Free or Not, it’s a perfect example of greasy Scopely business ethics that suck the life/trust out of this game.

It’s also more clear that nothing will change as long as there are apologists who condone their behavior. Intelligent, articulate people who actually play the game and see the community hollowing out and should know better.


Apparently not your case for not understanding the base definition of “Free”.


You do need to take the context of the statement into consideration. This wasn’t a statement made in-game, or in an official forum post. It was made in the course of a chat conversation and (from what I have seen) has been presented without any context of the preceding and following statements made.

I don’t condone the behaviour at all. I have been as vocal as anyone in complaining about Scopley’s terrible communication and how, in many instances, it leads to the implication that they are purposefully creating a state of confusion and misinformation. I genuinely however believe it is simply incompetence, something we have seen many times when they do end up communicating.

I’d also point out that those who are calling out members of the community on their bullshit does not mean that they support or condone Scopely’s behaviour. It was clearly reckless for JB to make such a statement because either he knew it would be a useless shield because it would require many months of paid subscription or he didn’t know it would require payment, and therefore shouldn’t have made the statement without the facts.


Scopely focus is to:

  • Create an enjoyable game
  • Make money off me

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Scopely’s past actions make me:

  • Play/spend/trust more
  • Play/spend/trust less

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How many people retire from your faction a month:

  • People don’t retire
  • 1-3
  • 4+

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Confirmation bias, you’re just trying a negative crowd to reply on the negative answers.

It will be the same in going through a Flat Earth making a poll on asking if the Earth is flat or not.

It’s the same about the sunset conspiracy theory back in 2017.
Anyway, here’s your tinfoil hat.


Excellent point… people who have retired likely won’t fill out the questions. So we should consider those numbers very positive.

I see you haven’t responded. more bias?


Those who would choose enjoyable game and play more would rather stay silent than risk public shaming lol


I think @Rickygrimes said it above alot of the animosity came from jb making it seem like something good was coming for free. While the statement of it being free is absolutely correct. I didnt pay anything to receive it, but to use it effectively in current meta is a cost. This goes back to communication. While i can understand why he maybe thot this was exciting news he obviously wasnt completely in touch with players needs and wants. But people will tear apart sentences and words to mean different things it can be hard to make statements without backlash. I don’t think there’s anyway to make the entire community happy at the same time.


f2p idea is bad why we demand f2p shield in 1st place… we already got f2p decap and disarm if we f2p get everything free thn why would people spend and tbh dont forget these types of games want money to run their business not our wishes


To hell with a shield… I want a huge attack buff that has focus and revive. Throw on a huge attacking ap lead skill as well.


and people who spend money on diego or Alice will they accept this dont forget scopley run on money and nothing else lol btw i am f2p


People who go for Alice and Diego probably don’t care about a F2P shield anyway. Those people could have double Magnas for all we know.


Was JB trolling a bit? Yes. Was I disappointed to see that the ‘free shield’ was useless unless you spend money? Very much. Was I surprised? Not really. Do I think he did more harm than good with that statement? Absolutely.

I’m actually not defending JB for this statement at all. I don’t think businesses should mislead people. But, I think using a weak argument like ‘I define this word differently than the rest of society does because the actual definition doesn’t fit my rhetoric’ is silly. Words have meaning because the society that speaks the language has agreed on a meaning. Language is living and changing, and words do change meaning over time, but you can’t just one day decide a word means something different than what everyone else thinks it means.


Shields and revives are a huge drag now. Give us more Attack characters, something to spice up the meta…

…like a new Aiko.


It was survivors club andrea! Didn’t ya’ll know about F2P = 100 bucks? :open_mouth:



The plaque of anime is spreading. It’s not a matter of if, but when.





"Language is living and changing" is a rather large departure from Scopely regularly uses "deceptive marketing practices and game design to maximize their revenue"

As I’ve stated above, supporting or condoning a company’s shady practices only encourages them to engage them more regularly.

  • more offer popups (mid war)
  • more premium events / roadmaps
  • less support for fixing bugs
  • less support for major questions (LG is covering for the team while CMs are away?!)
  • countdown to 7*s?

As someone who I respect for their numerous continued (& unpaid) contributions to the game & community, it’s disappointing that the “boys will be boys” excuse is where we’ve ended up.