So.....Where is our F2p shield JB?


Andrea was indeed free.

It’s. Called. MARKETING


JB said “a new free character with human shield is coming soon”. If y’all interpret it literally, he wasn’t wrong.

He also didn’t make a promise. That can usually be indentified by using words such as “promise”…


False or Misleading Representations and Deceptive Marketing Practices

  • Do ensure that your sales force is familiar with these “Dos and Don’ts.” Advertisers may be held responsible for representations made by employees.

  • Don’t forget that no one actually needs to be deceived or misled for a court to find that an advertisement is misleading


You can require a credit card to do a free trial, it’s still free. That’s how most free trials work.


Okay,Technically sHe is free but,is she usable for without spending?No she is not


He never said a useable or good free shield and he didnt say every single player would get one either.


Like lady geek said… She was free… It’s up to you to spend but she is an ascendable epic shield that was free to obtain … I’m positive that’s what he meant when he said f2p were getting a shield


Im just super curious why after months of this announcement you are just now asking? And i know ive seen you frequent the forums so your either trolling and or trying to start unecessary drama. Can we at least have current drama posts :joy:


But it was free so this holds no bearing.

They didn’t ask you to exchange money for it.

You don’t pay to download the app.

There was a free sheild… though not what you anticipated.


Honestly, I blame JB on this one. He knew damn well he was trolling and that player base wouldn’t appreciate a comment like that. And if he didn’t, it speaks to him being out of touch with a frustrated and angry base for the most part. I mean who the heck would want a tier 1 maxed five star shield…

Personally, I don’t care and don’t think shields should be given out for free, but I definately don’t appreciate posts like that.


And they aren’t free to everyone, since not everyone has a credit card.


It costs no money to get her, that’s the very definition of free. You need a payment method, but there’s no charge. This isn’t a new concept.


koa been free for long time… in every single event token pulls.


I never said it was a new concept, though as I said, not everyone has a credit card or any other payment method (not speaking for myself here, though I do know some in which this is the case). If you need a card with money on it to get something for free, I don’t see how it’s free, whether or not you pay. You still need that card with some money on it.


A revive and healing, hp boosting, shield to bring on an attack team :wink:


I see where @RedReaper is coming from tho, in my old faction a member couldnt get andrea even if they had a credit card cause the country they are in google or apple is blocked or something like that, idk the details but yea. I know for sure the whole community can agree that the entire andrea shield survivors club thing was handled very poorly. Imo SC is still crap and not worth the money, i do like Julie tho but in just the way it was handled at the start im never subbing to it, not to mention imo i dont think you get enough from it, ive been put off by the actions when SC started. I also stand by the community overreacted to the free shield comment


I’m afraid you are confusing access with cost.

Free - without cost or payment.

You did not have to pay to get the shield therefore it is free. Just because some can’t access it does not make it not free. Example - if i’m giving away free lemonade in my yard people in my neighborhood can walk by and get it but you would have to fly to my neighborhood to get this free lemonade. Just because you can’t easily access it does not make it not free, I’m not charging payment for the lemonade, thus it is free.


it was free, jb didnt say whether we were getting a 6 star or 5 star or 4 star shield! also if u find the post, I replied to jb saying its prolly a 3 star shield, well I was close hahahhah


free is given applying for free trail is not free seeing most have surcharge of $1 make sure card is real. Pulling from 5 star tokens and elite that is free.


Except that it comes from Google/Apple and not Scopely to verify the card, which is also refunded.