So.....Where is our F2p shield JB?




Exactly my point. Had to use some sort of payment method. Whether you paid for it or not, still needed to use something with money on it.


I agree it was shitty and maybe thats what JB was told to say or whatever, i still think the community overreacted to that comment and started dreaming up a super op 6* shield to pop up in their inbox with a big thanks for playing our game message and when it wasnt that it caused people to flip out, this happens a lot, not just in the game but other parts of life/the world, a lot of it is just people working themselves up and then being disappointed when it doesnt meet what they imagined


Im not saying JB is at fault, I know he was doing his job and if anyone else says otherwise they’re fools. I never really expected a really good shield, I expected someone maybe like Ajax except worse. Though what they did was complete bs.


You play RTS on ur phone? Or a tablet? Cause if we gonna start splitting hairs, we can. Whether ur paying for a phone plan, or play on wifi only, and your device was free, we ALL paid something to have access to this game. So none of us are free to play


Yeah all he said was a free shield, and was free :thinking: they could even give us the 6* version but :thinking: but without the SC im sure my free Andrea would still be just a 6* level 60 T1, and sometimes i get the hell of a job that @JB.Scopely have, i got all the angry call at my job when support and developmet dont do their Jobs and is stressfull, that feeling of powerless that in the end is not in your hands and the boss dosent care :disappointed_relieved:


I play on my phone.


Why tf do people want a shield?


I think the thread is more of “we want what was promised” more than anything.


according to some leaks green hs jesus is to become ascendable, perhaps it’s what he meant.


Well if so it’s quite ironic that he said a free shield is coming soon, then less than a week later we get Andrea. I doubt it’s for the Jesus but who knows.


what Andrea? the one from few months back? did I miss something?


Survivor’s Club Andrea. He said that statement a while back.



To my knowledge that was said to be fake.


Did I travel back in time ? I swear we had this thread in December 2018 !! I feel lost :open_mouth:


Thats the cover photo for the toon album on one if the VK websites. Not a leaked legacy list.


Andrea was it. Trick was you had to spend to make her viable.


lol katja is the best shield


Like Andrea, TWD is free entry, pay to enjoy.