So.....Where is our F2p shield JB?


You said a couple weeks ago (b4 Sc) we get f2p shield…so where she/he is?


It was Andrea



But it wasnt andrea.Andrea is p2p/p2w.


You get her for free. It’s up to you if you want to spend to make her useful.


I guess she was free… since it costs 25 comics to even get Julie…


He said we’d get a free shield. He didn’t say it was a 5star or that we’d have to pay to upgrade them.

It was like an unintentional analogy for how Scopely treats its customers.


You get her for free if you use your credit card to do so :joy:


F*ck off with wanting fuckin shields already. Yeah everyone should get two shields and 3 revives each my arse. That’ll make the meta fun again for sure.
Edited to indicate less angery and more “dumb idea” tone


What he said ^




Not about wanting shields, it’s about wanting what was promised.


Yeah but by now we should know what they say is bs. Where is my skybound Rick :joy::joy::joy:. But this post is still mostly “give FTP shield pls”


Absolutely, I’m still waiting on mine as well. Sure, he wants the shield, though I think it’s more of a “Give us what you promised us” type thing. Though they’ve done this a lot in the past, doubt this is gonna get commented on by either of the CMs.


I never white knight scopely or the CM but i dont remember JB saying you will get a free 6* shield, that comment of his was taken out of context, the community hyped itself up and when it wasnt what the community had imagined inside their head, it was an outrage. Scopelys by far on my number 1 spot of companies to avoid now and you are right the CMs are silent now more than ever but i still think that whole “we were promised a shield!” Was done by the community


He did say free shield.


Found it on the first thread I saw when looking it up.


Yea and we did get a free shield, i have andrea, she was free as i spent $0 to get her


And like I said, you still had to use a credit card or some sort of payment method to have access to her.


I used a pre paid card with like $1 left on it :rofl: