So, where are my survival road prizes?


Ok, so I got 100-10 in the last survival road event, but the problem is that when I got my rewards from my inbox the game reloaded and I lost everything, i message the support right away and about more 4 times but of course they didn’t do shit about it just those sick copy and paste goddamn answer. So this is my last resort, I want my rewards for sleeping only 2 hours per turn to use the energy in the tournament. What you guys are doing to this game is ridiculous, now you can’t even give the rewards right? If wasn’t enough to put shit prizes in every tournament even in war that was supposed to have the best prizes now are just more shit. I would be ashamed of myself for doing what you guys do, you litererally don’t give a fuck about the people who spend thousand of dollars in this game. I’m sick of this, thanks for destroying the game and making me stop. Giving my account to someone else. Not that you guys care, money will keep coming and that’s what matters for your mercenaries right?