So, when will the kids from the event storylines become toons to help on our teams?


We already have Sofia, Carl, and Clementine, so when can we expect to earn toons of the kids from the event storylines? Instead of just being side story characters, we should be able to have them in battle too. What are your thoughts @kalishane and other leaders, and community. Lol


That would be neat to see the next wave of the “Sandbox Squad”. The kid characters were actually pretty decent in their time. Like :leader: :fast: Clementine (30% def 30% hp to melee) leaderskill and Sophia :fast:. I actually still use HTL Duane :alert: with Mirabelle :star: :star: :star: :star: :star: :star: as the leader.


Awww haha

We were actually talking about this at IUGO.

They were telling us stories of how one of the Devs always played as a team full of children and it was ridiculous. lol

That being said, I realized that’s what i’m missing in my life – a team of children murdering zombies and men with guns.


Need to add Allen and Donna’ s twins before adding other random kids.


Yes this was a joke we use to say about creating the look at the flowers team. Carl versus clemtime who wins?