So when we get F2P human shield?


We NEED ftp human shield scopes!!!


never gonna happen


Nope, never gonna happen.

Although technically Magna & Koa are in event wheels.


Red Garret fits the bill, there are four star shields better then him


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You’ve got Estella and katija, what’s the problem?


7* toons have to be released first.


I don’t think “There’s a few options.” was the answer you were looking for.

But there’s a few options. Of multiple star varieties. Accessibility is another thing… but they ARE free.


Scopely could do something like exchange.

For example : 3 6* toons for 1 6* shield.

It could be usefull against multiple toons or useless toons.


Tbh I don’t like the idea of a f2p shield because after everyone will complain that everyone is running the same teams again, would be so boring gotta have diversity


Five star shields were never F2P were they? Apart from in that really weird “flood the game with five stars right before we release six stars” era during the summer last year. And even then, it was subject to actually being lucky on the pulls - not quite what most these moaners want…


Their obviously newer player’s who never played with bad 5* wheels no guaranteed 5* in pulls back in the dark ages lol


Break out your wallet it you want a shield or stfu.


The first FTP human shield will be Carley.

So be patient. We’ll see her next year in the later months when she’s the last epic to become ascendable.


Last epic becoming ascendable this side of 2020? You’re having a laugh, it’s taken over a year and they haven’t got through more than about 15, and there are hundreds left.

Although a Carley Shield gets my vote!



RUSH: Sabotage
0 ap
Deal 25% maim damage to all team mates

Active: Bribery
Initial cooldown: 0
Cooldown: 0
An opponent may pay 50 coins to gain control of this character for a turn.


We have Konrad which can be made to have 6 star stats


Three days after ftp human shield is released… “we need a ftp disarm to deal with all these shields😭”


If they ever put one out for free, RUN

They gave away revive Jesus , next day decap

Free human shield, next day monster character that disarms via rush for 66 ap lol


You know it lol