So when are we gonna have a use of the left over Gold Bricks I keep collecting

What the title says obviously

Well I decided it wouldn’t be smart to release them at war as team would just become even harder to beat and will probably get some complaints so I am guessing some point next week.

No. Its all just a psychological experiment to see how long people will keep repeating a simple task over and over and over simply because of the promise of future reward


@Kanaima I agree. At this point the new toons will come out and within minutes everyone will use their bricks to max them and post “when is the next toon coming”… something’s gonna change and I can’t wait!

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They released Kapoor during war

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Maybe they’ll release them next year

yes it will be smart so you can Teir 2 the new S class character almost right away

His is an exclusive war toon, can only get him through participating in war that’s why he was released during war lol

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He’s not an exclusive war toon. is only won by placement like Zach

Ffs how many more of these posts do we need to see there is a search function on here try using it before you post the 999th version of the same damn thing


Maybe U should put a night mode effect

Yeah but he is a war toon not a random free sclass toon like James a Christa are

@Nocoda - Thanks for your post. I don’t have the specific to share with all of you as of yet. I’ll keep everyone updated on this topic as soon I have more details to communicate.

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