So when are we getting a farmable elite rare gear map?

It’s been months since our last farmable gear map. The farming has essentially removed all fun from the game. We want, nay, NEED a variable gear map. These gear maps are garbage. I’m drowing in hunter characters.


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We don’t need the old maps. What they need to do is get rid of the redundant map from the new ones. If you gonna hand out silver radios as milestone rewards we clearly do not need both.

Lower the cost of every stage to 10. Seriously how do you expect newer players to be able to farm this daily? Can’t always be expecting people to drop cash for cans.

Then the most important step. Reduce the necessary items from 6 to 1. Five stars are useless in war. We should not need 6 night vision goggles. It’s overkill. The only reason now to level up a 5 star is because we are trying to put up points.

I’ve never been gear Blocked before… this is a joke. Can’t even get bags to drop on the roadmaps which I’ve reluctantly done 4 times now… at an all time low on world cans now also… quite frankly with the level up and faction level up I’m left with almost max 5*… gear Blocked 6* I cant upgrade… can’t do much with that. Great while there’s an event going on :flushed:


Remove the first part of the new map. We dont need hiking boots…

Update elite token wheel: remove hiking boots, add 6* gear.


Same buddy but for me it’s hunters. Wyatt, Ty, miras, etc.

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The roadblock used to be the walkies, bags, flaks, and beanies. Now its the other stuff like the long coats. They think people will pay 25 bucks out of desperation since it now takes a week and a half to get the 6 coats. Not for me. Once my gear is done I am gonna stop leveling up useless toons just so I can score points in a level up. It’s just war, survival road, and raids for me from now on. Every level up is a vacation from the game. Seriously give it a try you will feel much better.


I hear that man. I’m more bothered because it’s my melee team I’m working on lmao. I wanna use Sandy so bad :fearful: disgusting this new gear map, if I hadn’t wasted so many cans on the death marks I’d have hit it a bit more, but 4 full clearances without a bag Drop is sickening.

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Aw man I have my Ranged team done and dusted, still got plenty of that… :see_no_evil: my melee team is good, but wanna try the new ones. This sucks…

I hear you I refuse to spend real money to grind stuff out in the game so I had to skip out on the gear maps while I put my energy to use on the event. It’s sad just how transparent they can be with this stuff. They are like revenue is down how can we nickel and dime them some more. “Oh I got it. We will force them to burn through cans and then they will have no choice but to pay $10 bucks for 7 of them to keep up.” Yeah well I got news for you. Not gonna happen. Ever.

Congrats on the Sandy. She’s a really nice toon. At least its only 2 coats. You will have her gtg by tomorrow or the day after.

It’s never coming back

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Exactly man I’m the same, I won’t spend on something we used to fame for free, albeit once a month. Thanks man, was stoked when I pulled her, yep but it will be another 6 to T2 her :disappointed:
Never been gear Blocked before and it sucks.
Worst part is, there will be a few level ups, everybody is pushing hard for Top 100 in my region lol. This morning I was 80h, after work I was 277th. Now 51st but you get the point. Still 19 hours to go, and a faction level up at the weekend…

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Grinded hard last time for wyatt and some gear. Still need 2 of the gun holster things to t4 my mira. Think Im gonna sit this one out. I am so tired of the rng box prizes. It’s almost always the item or trainer you dont need. I have blue,red, and yellow six stars. 4 of the last 5 trainer boxes were green. The game knows and it screws you as often as possible.

Good luck in the tourney. Hope you get what you need to t4 your toons.

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Bet most of these nuggets will come from level up rewards though… Without participating it’ll be hard to get everything you want.

True but I have a feeling the nugget events are gonna be here every month now. Gotta pick and choose the battles. If it was a red toon I would be going all out. I have a spare stun gun waiting on a red 6 star. I really don’t care for the one they have on offer so that’s 12k I don’t need. I will go hard on sr and the raids. Just gonna see how many legendary 2 crates i can pull at the end. After going hard for 10 months I need a break and I have no regrets leaving level up’s behind. They are just so boring. Really what other game uses leveling up as a major attraction? I miss the old days when they didn’t cram one in every other day. I seriously cannot be the only one who is tired of them.

Good luck hope you get what you need!

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And that brings me to my other significant grievance. WHERE THE FUCK IS MY GOVERNOR. GODDAMNIT SCOPLEY YOU HAD ONE JOB. Fucking goons

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I would love to get a real answer to this question.