So whats the general vibe

I personally thought that 7 regions in a war was just too many.Then there were also people complaining about Russian hackers.But I want to know how everyone feels about the event.

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My region taking first again. But my faction is facing the same opponent. But everything else is fine. Got three Bennies and few Basils. Only two Burts as well.

War honestly has become my favorite tourney.

Facing the same factions, running the same toons over and over. Not fun.


My #80 faction vs the #1 faction. Silly. Also, facing much older teams, high lvl, all advanced weapons. Again, silly.


Facing the same factions over and over again. Match ups seem to be unbalanced. The late start makes it almost impossible to hit mile stones when you’re fac is getting creamed every war. Prizes are ok as they are relevent to the current promotion.


I agree to many Carl lead team


Garbage. Absolute Garbage

Broken matchmaking - 280 faction and you keep getting the same matches. Getting matched against factions up to 100 places higher than you.

Unbalanced Regions in the pool/pot - Top 2 factions combined have fought more matches than the other 6 combined… that is just plain unacceptable

CRW makes me want to quit the game!


CRW are won by hackers, extreme gold repair and fast matchmaking for some factions. Nothing new. Hopefully I dgaf about 5* tokens and trainers.

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You would think by now that they would have sorted things with hackers, but here we are. Facing teams with 5 6* tier 4 completely maxed and tower teams with the same amount of maxed 6*.
And the endless flow of coins. I can’t believe 90% of a faction can have all that… but there are people foolish enough to buy coins to try and compete with hackers.

Come to think about it, now I know why Scopely doesn’t fix the hacks.


yeah. I mean this is just getting depressing. The rewards have been the same for the last 10 months. I miss the day with 5* we all do. Unless the nerf 6* this game is just to much

Meh… very bored now. Used to look forward to wars all week, now it’s more of the case of hitting milestones and chill. Game is way too Stale. No variety. Dull.


Not many teams we’ve faced this war (not surprising). But the competition has been mainly fair. It allowed me to go all out and for the first time ever, achieve every milestone. Now like many, I happily retiring from warring is tourney, sit back, and get my rewards.

We got stuck with a bunch of Asian factions this war… each match at least four of them had double Erika’s… hell they had 4 reserves with Erika leads. Bring back that chonne on increased chances!! Never seen so many damn Erika’s.

Game is still fun in some regards but idk. Needs something new. Fresh blood in older regions would be a good start.

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