So whats point of this event?


one shit 6 star useless pulls for gear will end you up with a useless 5 thats not a 6 yet or 4 star gear and a week wait for 100 tokens your now selling new gov from this event should of been on a pick your side for how long this event is

your hopeless and useless dead event is dead TBH.

what you lot think.


Yea looked like it may have been a good event when it was first released. However numerous tournaments down and only 2 lucille token pulls done. Its looking like a failed event. Tokens are scarce af. All the toons aside from the museum dwight look like they will be premier recruits too.


That wheel is full of booby traps (aka farmable gear), but nonetheless we barely get any tokens from tourneys. I pulled over 30 times during the gear event anniversary, and now, 1 week into this event, only 2 pulls, that’s quite pathetic. For the length of the event it would have been great to make it as the choose your side one, and I’m sure most people would have been content with it.


Event is utter crap.


The purpose was to test players on how patient they are, which is why everything is so scarce in this event. The real New Threat is the zero energy map and token wheel of death and waiting for new roadmaps. 4 and 5* gear shouldn’t be in there, and at this rate, 6* tier 4 will be hard to get unless you’re a spender or really lucky. Then to cool down all the heat, the Negan in a Tank event will be released hoping to bring in new players. Lol


so not putting tokens in pass events miss leading info nothing to test how players are.


Yes. Lol


A token event that doesn’t give out tokens…yeah…that…


Honestly? I don’t mind the event. I’ve already pulled Kirkman Negan, red Romanov, and Michonnes binding G36.

Not gonna lie. Getting 25k plastic pieces was exhausting, and way harder than it should’ve been, but it was doable.


Part 2 is the real prize, got 4 weeks left negan next weekend than WHISPERSSSSS!!!


dw that negan will be on the pulls just like the gov


Well that was obvious about all of them.


I really hope that gov is the legendary version of SD gov.


its not.


Damn! …