So what's next?

Now that the god awful Piper event is over, what are we getting next? I’m assuming it will be a 2 month event for a Pain Split + Hold The Line gen 2 toon, yes?

Piper is good

20k coins is good

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Hmm out of the 80 opens on those crates I got all benny’s. Roster is f’d and I am gear locked still from the non-farmable gear maps(rng bs crates don’t since they give me atleast the gear I never need) got piper, but use her, since well stated above. Event was okay but very very dull. Just like this games state is.

I give it a 4/10. Could of been better couldof been worse. Maybe we should have more level ups on top of the already spammed level up events and we can stack rewards like these SC museum ones that I can’t try out because I refuse to give these hacks money till they fix their game.

Still probably won’t spend them either.

I’ve already long accepted that there will be no gear maps, just get the gear from the league store.

It was a boring and painful grind, this event.

Yes because getting two school bags from the store a week is so useful not to mention the legendary gear costs so much and you can’t buy it all every week. Sigh why do people accept this bullshit. There was a gear map and they took it away and people still do not want that and like seeing theirs offers popping up for gear because you are stuck behind a paywall or a week long wait?

What a joke if you are content with that.


Of course not! It’ll be a gen 1. :money_mouth_face:

Accepting yes. Happy with it, not really, but we have to move on.

What’s next? Hopefully the funeral of this game

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Maybe you are but who else is? Has that not been addressed in the players united movement? It damn well better be. No one should have to be stuck behind a paywall to max out their characters. Their should be a farmable gear so players can farm the stages to get the gear they need. To compete for petty amount of tokens to get possible half of the gear they need to max one character a week. Pathetic!


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We’ve already had that for 2 years

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