So what new content is on its way?


So normally there are whispers of a new event on its way, something to keep everyone keen to play. Will it be some exciting and new, or something reworked that work okay before like the golden nuggets.

@kalishane please till us something exciting is on its way? January is depressing enough


Wheel of Gear. 3* to 6*


28 Days of levelup event coming soon in February 2018


Please don’t give them ideas.


I don’t think they can push anything new out without giving us the odds for the “loot boxes” so it might be a while


I guess this? :thinking:




Or this.


Lolllll that is funny


New world maps are coming soon :wink:



LOL, Just playing… but that would be awesome! :slight_smile:


I can only assume @Dash left? he loves new content.

Surely someone there has a new idea?

If not you can always ask your forum what we would like to see in the game… :joy::joy::joy:


Better yet scopely give this a try.

40 days of famine: all wheel and pulls give 100% 2*, Zero premiers. Zero tokens, cansof any type even from territories. And finally to make it 40 days of true famine…all farms and material post fail to produce.

Now try to war with those parameters or even survive. It is survival right?