So what does scopley have planned for Halloween?


Halloween is my favorite time of the year and it’s always so nostalgic. However last year scopley dissapointed with nothing decent just a wheel with Karlson and Sawyer. How about being a little more creative this year scopley?


To close to halloween for them to do anything, they’ll probably do offers like they did last year, in which it was more of a trick than a treat, but hell, free gator, that’s a plus.


Gator and a 4* I guess happy Halloween


This crappy login event

Happy Halloween! :ghost:


New promo.(lol)


Don’t get your hopes up.


The usual trick or treat bs, heavily weighted in the trick department


Giving us 1$ Offers :coins::jack_o_lantern:


$1 offers… but for $2


I anticipate lots of tricks… For instance a surprise box loaded with Basic tokens for 500 coins or maybe a 99.99 Harlan. Oh wait…


it will be an event called “a new Halloween Rick/Negan/Michonne/Jesus/Shiva in premier recruits”, it will be another overpowered card with a pumpkin on their head


A spoopy event will take place during Halloween :jack_o_lantern:

To be continued… :skull:


Well, hey, at least now we know there will be an event. No telling of the quality, but at least there will be one.


Awh Yisssss


It will consist of crates in offer box like the previous time ?



We already have been blessed with our october hallowen gift.


Let’s be real, if you woke up and that was in your yard you’d be terrified :joy:


I’m going to guess some kind of lame event where we can get a few Burt’s and grenades for free and then to complete it for a couple of Benedicts and maybe a single Lilith we would have to shell out real money on stupid rng bags based on last years lame one.

Prove me wrong scopes. Please.


They better give us all a free 6* Erika


Spooky new op 6* xdddd