So what do you think guys about leagues?VOTE!

Is this good change?What do you thnk about it?

  • No
  • Yes

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I’ve said yes, but should probably reserve judgement until it goes live.

But its trying to breath a new bit of life into the game and seemingly allowing us the chance to get more characters and gear, whats not to like?..

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I’d like to see it in action before deciding to follow the butt-hurt herd or not.

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It isn’t even live, half these people don’t even know about it lol


Needed a maybe selection added to the vote.

I was in the beta. Leagues doesn’t seem to do anything besides award points for doing exactly what we do now with the addition of also receiving points for attacking humans but not walkers in territories and I think without a doubt that’s the worst part of it. No faction will be holding a spot for long because they will dump all their attacks for points.

The items in the store were great but it took a week to refresh them and we know when it goes live the cost of each item will skyrocket. So it will probably take months to get anything good from there. I would expect even longer for the toons.

Overall it’s not taking away anything from the game so that’s a positive but on the other hand it didn’t add a single new thing to the game outside of the store and a leaderboard so ultimately it is another way to get people to spend in chasing that #1 spot.

I really think there should have been a new game mode launched alongside leagues. God knows the game is stale and could use something new and exciting to do in it.


Will judge once it’s live :sunglasses:

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Feels like a method to force people into using their free region hop key before the dust has fully settled…


I’m still waiting. Dust has definitely not settled yet :joy:

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It’s gonna be lame like faction assault

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