So what do you get if you open 100 Daily bags?

So I got into the habit of not opening my Daily bags, (it just was not very exciting) I enjoyed hitting the targets and collecting them I just didn’t bother opening them, one day I decided to count how many I had, the total was 68, so I continued on to hit 100, and then did the opening in one big heap and I made the data collection a bit of a homework task for my 10 year old.

Anyway here is the break down of what we got from 100 openings.
Lilith 7
Arena Tickets 9
Ulysses 15
4 Star Weapon tokens 19
5 Star Character Tokens 19
Elite Item tokens 31

So I cannot remember what the published odds are, but I imagine this seems about right. And I figured I would post our results for anyone interested.


Bet you didn’t get any gold mods from the daily missions

Personally reckon you’re over the odds on arena tickets and liliths. They are rare for me

I did get a few - I just always open my mod boxes straight away, it was just the bags I couldnt be bothered with, then I hit upon the idea of making the bags a bit of a school project.

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