So what do players united think of new Priya

So pretty much what it says in the title, what are the thoughts of players united especially the ones who started it

I’m never going to own her, can’t beat top teams nowadays anyway so I personally don’t care, this effects Whale so much more than me🤗 Ps she’s way over the top


Para jogadores p2p ela é muito boa, porém, para jogadores f2p quando começarem a enfrentar times onde ela esteja no meio realmente vai ser meio complicado sem estratégia

Game reset pure and simple. I’ll pass and play with the have nots

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I pretty much think and feel like this priya says it all from scopely. #PU asked and demanded a better game but instead we get a complete destruction of rosters again.

Makes all the changes that they put into the update thread with all the wheel changes and etc all completely and utterly irrelevant.


Ight bro, Ill be driving a chevy nova ss

I love on the other side of the united states, new plan

I think she’s an overpriced car
she even has a name close to a car.

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They all got a spot on the council pu is dead and accomplished nothing. Thanks

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you hit this on the head. Why do people care when those that will get her can 2 or 3 turn anyway. She will not change anything for no one cept vk. Im not sure why anyone cares. Think about it…would you beat the teams they put up anyway…so why worry.

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I’ve actually seen a screenshot of a player with around 20k rep get this character. They’re team likely wasn’t a team of the current meta before this and now they have her, stopping others from raiding them as they likely could have. So it isn’t just top players.

so what was it m8…Vk?..Priya will not affect you at all so why worry. and im also sure if they got her there team WAS of current meta. Or Vk. Im not sure why priya is a worry to you tho.

Or they could have just seen how powerful she was and spent their life savings to get her? Someone gets the most powerful character in the game and they automatically must have had the current meta before this?

That’s not necessarily true. I have a ftp roster. I’ve spent a little money in the past on offers and the “discount” wheels they use to have. But never on premiers. I can still beat most not all but most teams with all newer premiers. Not everytime and not in 2 or 3 turns but I can do it. If Priya and the buff to Pete change that it will be pretty discouraging. I’m content grinding for the wins I get. I rather like the challenge but if no amount of skill or luck can beat these teams it will get pretty discouraging.

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you do realise that some have a lot of money dont you. Not all go into debt to pull. Some have more money than sense. This misconception that all cant afford to pull gets my goat tbh. But carry on…

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Yes, I would have been able to beat them. I have doc, zach, negan, Dale… one was a lucky crate with 10k tokens, one from skullgate (I ground hard), one a lucky SC pull and I dropped a 40 pull for negan. I am not a whale, I’m P12. I couldn’t afford to drop in excess of 2 grand for a toon, even if I wanted to. In fact, even if I could afford it, I wouldn’t.

I didnt mean on attack. I ment as an attack toon she wont change much vs your defence as those that get her most likely will kill you fast anyway.

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your p12…i was talking f2p.

True. It shouldnt make much difference there. I’m worried about seeing them on defence as well. Guess I’ll find out how much more op Pete is a little later. If war ever starts.

Yeah, it’s the mid-legs players like myself most affected. We have decent enough teams to beat a few of these whale factions and get a couple of defends. We’d lose the battle, sire, but pick up a few points.

Now, we only need to face a similar place faction with one lone whale to blow us out the water.

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