So what do I do with this extra Ezekiel?

I got an Ezekiel in the Michonne Rewards stash and have nothing to use him for as I already have a fully upgraded Ezekiel in my team. Any suggestions on how I can use him? I’m already sure I won’t get Chris for Michonne.

Use him as a lillith. He can level an ar or depot him

He was a decent attack toon about 9 months or so ago. Maybe put him on your tower team.

Eww ghost all the towers


It’s him for level up points

return him back to scopley with no thank

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Use him for level up points, then he can become a territory defender or survival road fodder.

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Do same as me with mine, absolutely nothing, or maybe fodder to ascend a 6*


I use my dupes for ascendance if I can cause bennies are hard to come by. So if I have a duplicate it saves a Benny. :joy::joy::joy:

Dont listen to them. Im sure scopely will make him s class and need 2 of him to make one. So keep it, maxed it. There is no other reason that scopley gives you 2 eze other than that :joy::joy:

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keep dreaming

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Level up fodder

Oooh, and Chris must be the first SS class? I now have four of him…

Yeah just keep him. Its scopely will, never deny scopely will :joy:

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