So what 6* red HS you want?Vote


So many pwoples saying they want red 6* HS so lets vote.

  • P2p red HS
  • F2p red HS
  • We dont need HS
  • Meh

0 voters


Because everyone will totally choose “P2P red Human Shield” when given the alternative option of a F2P one…


Like our input would really matter lol


Im a f2p and imo Red HS should be a p2p toon.f2p red hs can ruin this game. imagine everyone with red hs with stun :slight_smile:

F2P players need one Revive toon that’s it.


Red human shield will get destroyed my blue Michonne so meh


stun weapons arent nearly as powerfull as they were because of stun resist mods


Reds even with stun guns dont stand a chance against the blues at the moment. But yeah, bring it lol


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