So.....we're just going to not talk about what happened with the Diego Stash?

Perhaps I’m naive or just dumb, but i woke up this morning expecting an official response or explanation about why we couldn’t purchase the Diego Stash in its last 48 hours. @JB.Scopely? Anyone? Like what happened. I was going to buy after i got paid, i got paid and had no way to buy (please insert your “Diego wasnt worth it, save your money, game is dying, Scamly did you a favor, I’m F2P and i have the largest penis in the world” comments below). So…Are y’all going to relaunch the stash? Explain why the offers didnt show up? Say anything at all About it? Or just keep it pushing or should i say “Keep Surviving?”


Diego wasn’t worth it, save your money.


They don’t reply to anything. Nothing about the gravey boat discrepancies, nothing about February log in event… nothing…

This is also just an observation… but if you need to wait to get paid, please don’t spend 250 dollars on a character. I’m being serious.


He’s stupidly good, thank god they made it so as few as possible can use him lol


Totally broken character. Him and Alice pairing is beyond dumb.

I’m F2P and have the largest penis in the world


guess its another diego to the museum! it worked with carl so maybe you should try with diego. good luck.

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Well if that’s the case, can we get Winter Richard to the museum?¿

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Beat everything with those two and Alpha, isn’t a defence that causes an issue bar guardian and stun on attack RNG.

It said 0% chance… U thought they were lying?


Well feel bad for the people that bought some tokens just to see the offers disappear and the tokens converted to sd points today.

im F2P and have the largeest penis in the universe :wink:

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I believe that the 0% chance advertised was in violation of Apple policies that require any loot boxes to clearly state the odds so they had to take it down somehow ( No offers to Buy it) as it would be really easy to buy the whole stash and get refunded by Apple since scopely is in clear violation of the terms.


You must be new here. Otherwise you would have expected them to NOT reply.

Players notice something up with stash

Rare Scopley communication claims it’s working properly and no point changing it.

Ability to buy tokens suddenly disappears



Agreed I had the same plan as you. Got some cards to add to account and the offers were gone and support was of course no help.

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He is no doubt good, but unnecessary I think for offense. Dale has a -60 def ar and I just don’t think the 230 something dollars it would have took to get Diego was worth that extra 5%. I think he would add some extra options as a lead, but doesn’t replace Alice in that slot by a long shot. Although I would not have bought him, I also did not see any offers for express tokens after Friday I believe. Sorry to hear you wanted him but couldn’t get him.

do i care? not anymore. They wont live a good a life if they dont screw something with the game. Game still crashing and they still didnt fix it.

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It’s the fact he impairs for two turns, can hold a stun weapon & does enough damage to not kill anybody but enough that Alpha can finish off with no issues.

Scopley won’t respond to this or acknowledge it. I’m guess they plan to sell him again down the road