So we get nothing?

So we literally get nothing as a reward if we don’t have any of the promo toons to go with the velvet cakes?
Well done scopely, 1 step forward 3 steps back…


Ja I don’t mind the normal collectables, but the cakes are useless


What’s the point of the cakes if you don’t have any of the other toons for the museum? @GR.Scopely


Scopely- just drop a couple hundred on a premiere. Problem solved


A complete JOKE as per usual.


Unless the cakes carry over to whatever collection they use next.

Can anyone confirm that the same red velvet cakes that were used for Pamela(if I remember correctly) is still the same one being given out?

So for instance, even after the current collections end, we might see another collection that uses the red cakes again. Might be promo toons, or past war toons like Mercer.

It’s been confirmed by JB that the cakes I’ll be s recurring them with different toons. For whatever that’s worth.

Warring for nothing! Oh what fun this is!!


Same old song and dance? Sorry my dance card is full, and tomorrow is my daughters birthday and i have bills to pay, so yeah im still not gonna open my wallet for this, they SOL. And even if they fixed 90% of the game i still wouldn’t drop a dime in their bucket. #FortKnoxWallet

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Did he not confirm the same thing with the little dog things that seem to have dissapeared. Sure I remember some quote along those lines.


I certainly won’t be warring all weekend for this pap


We are on cake collection 9 or so, they’ve already shown the cakes will roll over and be used in other collections.

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Hopefully 1 out of the next 2 museum toons will be something everyone has. Like Eric. Otherwise this war is seriously lacking in terms of rewards. We’ll find out on Monday.

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Great word

You get to control more territories while no one wars??

I can’t spend if I can’t log in.

Oh yeah Scopely. It’s big brain time.

You will get 1 supply point for every 100 cakes

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Diabetes. You will get diabetes from the cakes.

It’s bs I mean a total of 600 of ur choice for first place that’s a decent amount of cake but is practically nothing for the other choices I mean come on scopely at least bump the cones keys and shells up to 100 a crEate especially when we don’t even get a war toon for our troubles

I just need milestones lol

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