So we can buy Princess


Oooops, they did it again.

Very high op dot for p2p.

Thanks for nothing.


Meh, she’s not all that


Okay… little more details.

Tanky as fuck. Nearly perfect stats for that. In combination with the specialist +ar very hard to knock her down.

Than I take a look at the f2p toons, except Andrea (I think she was planned for p2p)…


Just throw a Connor or Duane debuff, and Shiva can nuke her. Duh.


If the rng-god is on your side, I’ll say yes.


But Duane is trash (what many seem to think). I think he will be useful in certain situations


None of what I said relies on RNG…

That aside, it was a sarcastic comment about how whenever a new character is released, there’s always a comment on how to nuke that said character or how squishy they are. We’ve seen that said about Andrea and Duane most recently.


Don’t worry. You’ll have a chance to get her for free in 6 months or so. :smirk:


Someone brought up a good point using Waste Not on the character that he applies the 75% debuff on. If I remember correctly, the damage from Waste Not is true damage, which could easily set up a 2 hit combo if done right. It’s why I’m conflicted on going for Sandy currently. I can either get her from missions(and miss out on Viktor/Rosita), or get her from this LU and get Viktor/Rosita from missions.


I have Sandy but she doesnt get much use. I dont seem to use many yellows.
Against Erika/Mira/Wand i use blues

Against Carl i use reds and greens

Against Blue Garrett/Vincent/Lydia i use greens

Against multiple shields use Kate

So at this point no need for me to use yellows, which is a pity because have some good ones


I have Sandy. But sadly, she’s my only reliable defense debuffer. I could bring Victor out but even behind Carl, he’ll get ganged up on. I regret my decision to be honest.


Okay my standing.

I give a fuck bout if a toon is f2p or p2p, if I want a toon, I pay a toon. What I see more and more is the discrepancy between f2p to p2p.

And princess is a one of the fu’s that scope gives to all f2p. Not extremly like Lydia, but it is…


Did you try Connor? His attack and def debuffs are nice.


Lol I barely think anyone will buy her. No matter what the original post says. It’s common consensus in almost all chats I am in that she is not very good. Being green which is probably one of the weaker traits… she will be easier to take down


Dat AR tho.


With that weapon…


This game sucks too many donkey dongs to give me one fucking Connor.


Her AR dmg is crap…so it will take 5 more seconds to kill her.
Always the same teams again and again…Carl/Glenn/Shiva/Kal/Ezekiel.
Same noob def again and again…omg now change Kal w/ Princess and have the same noob team again.
This is kinda good cause i can raid in auto :smiley:


I use sandy and that free extra kill technique allll the time on my att team . Also works to lower a blue real low and hit him, kills an adjecent aswell


I’m also having the same issue…dunno if I should get her from LVL UP or not as I’m undecided between Rosita/Viktor :thinking: