So... upgrading Lee

So I’m looking through my six stars and notice this

So why does legendary lee, a character in no way tied to survival road. Require survival road items to upgrade?

Sorry in advance if this has already been addressed. I hope this is a bug.

No bug :expressionless:

It’s been addressed many times and is as designed. A bad design.

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You should be happy he takes that gear only ftp would want him to use regular gear. Wait til you guys start dealing with sclasses.


Why I’m keeping him at t1. If I didn’t have a shield, I might’ve upgraded him so instead I’m going with the plat mods.

Buuuut 2 plat mods so far and both useless ugh

I maxed him out tier one currently got magna max tier 3

Welcome to September


To be fare I’ve found it easier to get the gear to T4 Lee than any other toon. Under a month thanks to daily SR and the SR tournis. Fact takes this gear is bonus as been able to lvl him up without wasting normal 6* gear

Have no idea what exactly I’m gonna do with him like but I keep trialling few things


just… shut up…

Considering the gear lock most people are complaining about, this saves on regular gear.

It was well documented that Lee and Magna from the Survival Road Depot required this gear.


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