Guess we’re not getting any extra balloons without spending are we huh. There goes my dear Sergio only 2 pulls away :pensive::balloon::balloon::balloon:


Rip, u must have missed milestones. Hes trash anyways Christa is way better than him tbh

If you hit all milestones you were 2 short

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And Scopely have refused to comment on all threads about it. Even the “players” council have been silent

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Wow? I didn’t bother going for tht turd. And also i think they did ballon bags in the store right.

They did do bags and it’s how I got mine, but I won’t credit coin spending as fully F2P-accessible, seeing as they took easy ingame access to them out of leagues.

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Thank god for the Subscription got both collections done for 25$

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Awl definitely scopley are turds, im in platinum and spenders are dominating over the f2p and its not fair for the lower guys.


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