So time is running out for victory tokens

What I basically want to know from @JB.Scopely is if this event is considered a premiun event? A lot of players have like 30 or so they got from being 5th in war etc. 12 days remaining and not a single event featuring them after war, only heavily advertised in offers.

There lots of members got less than that in good regions.
Really isn’t fair…

Should have given these as milestones in War.


Need to give these tokens for all of the faction events this weekend.

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Same thing with those other tokens, can’t even remember which ones they were, but awarding 5 or 10 tokens to a top ten faction Imo has always been a massive slap in the nuts.

I think we gonna get more first weekend of December when we should get a CRW. I don’t remember they rewarding us with event tokens in other fac events than war.

imho this is a good move from scopely, they are being fair to all of us, now go and join the club! :+1:

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