So,they want all F2P be gone

im 99.99% so scopely dont want us to play anymore the events now are not intended to be finish without spending…fuck you guys with feelings!!

and they are offering 4k coins for light beacon…SMFH!!
i hit every milestones when the first beads is in milestone but im still lacking 1 light beacon…same thing happened last event!!!fuck!


I got to get supreme crates from them 1.25k coins.

and there will be no f2p event…spensing is the new trend now!!!they gonna take down this post!!!


Im talking bout pathways. I got governor. And bought a mask bag so I can finish the crossbone road map

me too i spend coins on that event bit this event they offer 4k coins??fuck them!!


You didn’t grind hard enough. I’m entirely f2p and was able to complete the stash, get all 10 beacons, and finished the roadmap yesterday. You missed something somewhere along the way. I’m usually all for blaming scopes, but can’t put this entirely on them this time.


Curious how random the cache pulls are.


Bull. I farmed it as well and I’m at 9.

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Call it what you want, but it is completely possible to complete it without spending.

I did everything so, don’t know why im at 9. That’s what I’m saying.

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That’s kinda shady loool jk

Did you hold the terries?


We did manage to hold one of them. I’m in the #2 faction in a low activity region, so it was easy to hold one of the terrs.


Awesome, congrats :slight_smile:

Our top faction held em all the entire time …we’re kind of a dead region as well


To be entirely honest here, the faction leaders of the top two facs called a truce to not attack each other during the terr events. Well except for that lame one territory event. :roll_eyes:

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like what i told you…i hit all milestone on first day and what milestone yesterday?they put up onslaught…

I didn’t say anything about a milestone yesterday. I said I completed the roadmap yesterday. That would be the Zhu roadmap that you need beacons for.

its impossible…but my friend told me he got hes 10th light beacon because it was stored from last event

me too bro

Maybe you guys weren’t able to get the beads from the terr events? I’m just saying that as a f2p it was possible.

were talking about the 10th beacom…maybe you got your 10th beacon because of last event…and same thing happened to me last event

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