So they really add 5* weapons?


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Been there since the beginning of the armory addition.


Omg, are you a new player? This has been brought up plenty of times and has always been there. If you researched things then you would have known long ago.

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I think there is more post warning of this than post in the forum … ajajajaja

You mean if he researched things he woulda known when he was done researching.

What’s next… 5* toons?

Nope. 6-star weapons.

Do you mean 7* Ultimate Legendary toon

Way ahead Ive got my full s20++ maxed t6 8* all 110 with ars availble at the start of a turn

Wow damn i didnt know that 8*s was already released :open_mouth::open_mouth::open_mouth:

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Obviously @schmatzen did not know about this being an old feature. I don‘t think that‘s a reason to troll her/him over and over again. That‘s a shame.


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