So they made a negan force or whatever when are we getting and upgrade on the shiva force toons we pulled


So the title pretty much says it all… they are releasing the bad shiva force but the original shiva force they only made one toon ascendable how about we finish this …?


They’ll finish it when you stop asking about it


Yeah well it makes zero sense to not finish the rest of them


I’ve been asking this for a while too. Not only does it not make sense that they haven’t done this yet, but it is insulting to those who put in the effort to get those toons.

Think about this. They knew ascendancy was coming, and how much overpowered legendaries would be, yet they still pushed Shiva Force toons as if they were the bestest. I speculate that they even knew they were going to boost legendary stats eventually, and that the only reason they released them with reduced stats is because Scopely KNEW it would be insulting to all those with 2 years of work on their current 5-star roster.

Anyway, yeah. In the end, putting in the work to ascend Shiva Force really only pleases a small part of their playerbase - the ones from whom they’ve already milked for their full Lifetime Value. So why put in the work?


Hey well at least you can burn a few thousand dollars for 6* characters until $copley gets bored and wipes their ass with them.