So there’s this girl

Don’t ask her out, you were her second choice. Only flirting with you because they guy she liked doesn’t like her. She moving from guy to guy. You say no to her and she will move on to the next guy in line.

Thats the fun of it, hang n :man_pilot:t2::gun::bearded_person:t6:

Boi how you gonna flag me 4 days later

Do what you want buddy. Who cares what the world thinks. It’s your life and happiness not theirs. If they have an issue with you dating someone then screw them.

So I know for a fact this works.

  1. Get a piece of paper
  2. Write "Will you be my girlfriend?
    Yes! No!

Circle one"
3. Give her the paper!



try flowers ? idk. or a cheesy pick up line like ‘’ if you were sauce you’d be hot sauce !""

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Kind of awkward to post it in the forums but try to some nice things for her take her out to eat invite her to special events and then she’ll get the idea that you like her and when you confess you she’s more likely to say yes

He’s the second choice. Noone wants to be that.

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Imo, do nothing yet. Only last week she was in to this other guy who then rejected her. Her pride has taken damage. She’ll be trying to make herself feel better by getting someone easy (you!), or she’s trying to make him jealous. Either way you don’t want to get involved in that. Wait a month then reassess.

My qualifications: I’m a girl. I was once young.




Lmao (7 char)


Yanno the term don’t shit where you eat…?

It applies here.


He stated “last week” she was flirting with someone else, that’s a quick hop. That’s the point i was trying to make, and i bet if he says no, she will be on to the next in the same week.
I’m sure a girl loves watching a guy strike out with one girl then come right up to her and think he he has a shot

if I wanted to be really inappropriate then I would say something like…:
*cough…actually you should tell her this “Prepare your anus” or “Get ready for some deep penetration”.
But really she does seems like …“I can’t get this guy. *looks at you…meh, this guy will do”.
Your choice though. I wouldn’t bother much if I were you…stick it in and take it out like a champ.

Mush approves :wink:

Thats sad for you, but i’m glad you found jesus. Maybe you should lay off the drugs though.

That’s totally out of context. It’s about that specific situation, not about the whole Life. I was on the other side of that situation and the girl went crazy mad about that, let me tell you insane, with the devils face they are capable of. Before that real life encounter i also never thought a lot about it, personally and more intense. Speaking Experience here, not some hippie bullshit.
Dont get me wrong… i am what most people would call a hippie but that’s just not how it works when it comes to that exact situation.
Just throwing on the pink shades and the World is fine, is not working if you want to survive out there, not looking like a Moron, sooner or later.

good luck @Quinnton

Thank you! :slight_smile:

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Chances are you will likely never meet after you go into the fleet. That and military relationships are generally foolish.

Former Navy here.

Go in for the true loves first kiss. She’ll love you even more after that.