So there is a chance for me to get Michelle?


If you do 0 raids for the next 12 days and don’t buy offers, no.

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Scalpel will maybe be short

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195 scalpels were given per SR and there are SR 3 left so you should be able to


Not a chance.

5th roadmap will be S20++

6th roadmap will be 100 coins per stage

7th roadmap will require special energy which will be so super premium it won’t even be available to purchase anywhere


I’m gonna laugh at the people who took all this time to grind if this is the case.

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Man I think we actually need 8 masks to get Michelle and you can find it only in a premium roadmap with premium characters and premium weapons, with premium device and premium desk to put your device on it while you drink a premium water with a premium glass breathing premium oxygen with your premium nose. Dont even @ at me if your keyboard isnt premium or you’ll just mess up the premium cycle.


Nah let’s be realistic.

Game will shutdown before 7th roadmap because Scopely didn’t say it won’t happen.

i mostly ask about sewing kits and scalpels cause i hit max milestone in raids and im not sure there will be more

I can has Michelle?

There’s 12 more days of event so…yea

Suspect everything assume nothing!

I’m very leery of the walk mask road maps. Never forget…


Never forget that, from the very start of that event, it was clear, you’d only ever have a chance of getting the Michonne head?

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I will never forget because I got Negan who was super badass for a long time and another pull off the 5* wheel with the tokens they gave out for the screw up. That event was AWESOME!


i assumed they would give 6 maps for free.
And force you to pay for the last one like they did with bruce

She is cool, Bleed and lacerator could be good dmg.

Why would you assume that? Because it’s not what happened with Bruce at all…

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You said everything : she is cool. Not gamechanger, like diego or little carl in time, just cool. So don’t know why everyone is so freaky she won’t be free. She is as good, but no more, as were yellow rick, green eugene or green abe, which were all free.

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She’s a game changer for freemium players who don’t yet have an effective counter to Eric teams.

Abe, yellow rick and green mira, which are all free, are already great leads against eric. Like i said, it’s a cool charac, specially for the lead, but no more