So the rewards were part of a pay2play event all along

received_678201949321860 it’s not random or rng it was planned now get ur wallet out to win that prize month long chance at a chance for a prize you need to buy.


Sad thing is even after finishing in top 15 every event and faction number 1 that still wouldn’t give me a pull. Last level up I just hit my milestones and stopped



I did the same and il have nothing to show for it. I’d need to buy 2 of these offers to get a toon. Very disappointing.

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I hit 8k beachballs a week ago and suddenly it just kept giving me 100 here and there.
Defo made so most wouldn’t get elodie or Harper no matter how hard you try


I would say greater than half my pulls were 100 beachballs or shells. I’m sitting on 3k & 4k each, and was top 50 all month. Figured I’d at least be close, but nope.


Yep I’m nowhere near top 15 every event

I need 8.5k Sombreros to get Harper.
Hard pass from me.

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They’ve always sold event items, regardless of F2P or P2P…

This has been thee absolute worst reward structure in the history of the game. Straight up trash, no other way to put it. Anyone saying otherwise is just wrong


Agreed, the ‘randomness’ is alarming, it needed to be set up that 10 pulls gave you required amount to choose the one toon you wanted not this oh sorry you have a third of each toon, buy the rest or keep surviving.

Lmao. This is why so many of my friends have quit over the last year. They overloaded on delightful experiences


Laughing! So very well said!

KOD sauce?

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