So Territory Event


So a Territory event while this crap is still bugged? Really? A good few peeps I know had the same issue when your game reboots, hurts your team and takes energy? And it’s happening a lot.
Second thing, 2 Territories? Really? Running low on the pancake juice?
You lot should be ashamed of yourselves. Goodluck while you can keep fkn people over.


This really does work. :smirk:


Just blows my mind. Every decision they make is a horrible one…


It’s almost like they are trying to see how far they can push everyone towards the cliff without making them jump.


I would second that actually. While pumping out promo after promo and rediculus offer after one and other. Boggles me why I’m still playing tbh.


I just looked at the actual rewards. So hold a spot for 24 hours and get ONE Lilith or Ulysses and 12 terrible rng crates?

LMFAO. :rofl:

Plus with no one holding any spots everyone will just attack the crap out of the two so might as well not even try to hold it until the very end.


24 hours!?!?! and 2 spots!?!! Omg and 1 bag very 2 hours. What happened to 3 hours and 4 or 5 spots. Actually make it worth while trying to hold :roll_eyes:

This makes me not want to bother at all.

Its like we all just speak a different fuckin language when we make suggestions?


So 1 lilith or Ulysses for holding a special territory for 24 hours with only 2 available? Seriously though what was wrong with the way it’s been done in the past? Really feels like another kick in the nuts to the player base.


I was excited thinking it was every hour or 2 hours they were given out. Nope. 1 Lilith and 1 Ulysses given out total. That’s it’s. Boring. Oh and the glitches are still there, as bad as ever.


Most recent glitch, added a team, energy is used, popup said I removed a team, energy was still used. WTH?



Maybe the others are at offset times…??


W.s. and n.w. have it for our region. Yeah not getting a chance at that. This game used to have a smidgen of fairness to it. Not more than a sheet of paper, but it was there. Now it is just a blatant smack in the face every where you look. Seriously if it wasnt for the peeps I play this game with, I would quit.


I recognize that statement…
2 years later…
Here I am.

Not sure being unhappy for others is a healthy choice. Also wouldn’t wish that on my friends.


Same here. Totally fed up with this game now.


Lol yeah. I’ve said it several times myself. It’s hard to walk away from the cool people.


OH don’t I know. I tried joining a RTS anonymous group called V. I. N… Gov promised to help with our addiction. Needless to say we are our best enablers.

Side note

Have you ever called the gambling addiction hotline and explained the slots you play on your phone that rewards pixels, but never the ones you want?

They highly recommend visiting a real casino. It’s apparently less evil as there is an actual chance of monetary returns.


Bigger regions and less territories? Open up more!


Someone jump on Line and message JB and ask him what he makes of this! Lol


Damn dude, that made me laugh hard as hell. My sides are still hurting.