So... shovel drops


The new collection event requires us to raid for shovels. I’ve done a few raids(around 20) and the highest drop I’ve seen was 60 shovels and the lowest I’ve seen is 35. This means that it takes roughly 250-450 raids to reach 15k shovels. Has anyone seen any higher drops than 60? Lower than 35?

Lowest amount of shovels

I got 85 didn’t S.S. it just have to take my word but if i run across it again you bet ill post it


you can sometime get a hundred i think its random like the flowers from eugne event i bet someone will gt a thousand to drop


I still remember that event. The raid tournament popped up literally in the last days of Eugene Collection.
Hope Scopely do something similar here.


well they drop from raid but it should be a guaranteed minimum drop every-time like u get at least 50 per raid @JB.Scopely


Last thing I want to do is waste literally all of my raid cans just like I did with the Eugene event.


60 shovels on the 1st raid.


The highest was 110 for me


Hhighest I’ve seen


110 highest for me aswell




Spiderman been holding out


Yeah same here I got 85 my llowest was 15.



Highest I’ve seen is 110, but only once so far.


Do they drop every time you raid? Because it only drops every 3 raids or so for me.


Yup im on that 135 train.


Most I’ve had is 20 shovels haha


Does anyone know the lowest amount of shovels per raid you can get.

The lowest I’ve got is 20


I raided and didn’t get any shovels, so I guess the lowest possible is zero.