So should I do this

Run a Carl with 4 Aris? If not, who would you swap in instead (No Dante unfortunately). And stats on weapon would be useful as well!

How the hell did you get 4 Aris?


I ended up getting 5 actually. Got a 6* Carl and 6* Aris in a later pull, but got 4 other 5* Aris that I didn’t notice while hunting for 6*s, lol.

RNG is the answer to that

How do you miss 4 5* Aris in a list.
I could even get one :cold_sweat:

Working on getting my armory up to 17

Run all 5 just to troll whoever’s raiding you



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Screenshots. I have enough medals to ascend the 80 Aris


Should I go for HP and Def on the weapon with AD, or go for upgrade to Def and upgrade the AD when taking damage to large gain?

My default weapon build (for defense) is huge AP when attacking, 35% def, OP slot 3. I don’t have her, so can’t say for certain.

You have the luxury of tinkering around with a few before you finish the AD weapon.

Meanwhile I pulled for only Rosita and didn’t get jack

Scopely, I hope you guys all choke. Doesn’t have to be lethal, just enough to make you cough something up on your keyboards

As for spending that many crafting bits on bound special weapons that are primarily used for defense, I say no. Maybe do one or two and save the rest for if you run out of other things to craft

Unless you have a few hundred dt/pk too, I dunno

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Just use one, she’s not that great as is use her with Vincent lead Carl shiva and maggie. Multis of the same toon is a giant snooze fest. Scopely and iugo should make everyone use 1 toon per team. That way people actually have to use strategy then this person’s incredibly terrible team.

4 shiva’s??? please… learn how to not suck pls krenn.

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My problem with that argument is that it further punishes people who’ve already been subjected to the passion of the RNGesus.

No one should be a victim due to luck. Good or bad.


Btw noob question but if I put gain AP on attack on my weapon, can that stack with a leader skill of the same sort (like Rick’s)?

yikes neil is the scarist person on your team

Yes. You trolling or noobing… i don’t care, but yes.


Sweet. Thanks bro.

If you played different games like this you’ll notice that they DO NOT let you use the same exact toon per team. It also requires you to be more skillful in making a team that flow together then- “Hey whats a good setup? Oh I know let me use the same toon to make a team and watch as I don’t have to have any skill but to watch everyone be under the same condition instead of making a quote legit team un-quote by using strategy.”

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