So September 26 passed

And nothing happened ? Lol nothing at all business as usual, hey let’s all go buy that new S class tho.

R.I.P #Players United


Players united isnt dead. The ones who swore that the 26th was the end all be all dont know what they are talking about. Nice alt account for trolling btw.


PlayersUnited didn’t recognise the 26th as some sort of virtual Dunkirk though


early October they said in post

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What day should I mark in October ? So it can remind me of just another day scopley and PU/PC did absolutely nothing at all.


early like 1 October, 2020

What do you expect them to do and what have YOU done to be saying they’ve done nothing?


I don’t expect anything from PU or PC or anyone that lives on this earth and I have my first amendment rights to say they’ve done absolutely NOTHING which is all I need.

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That’s fair, it sounded to me like you meant they’ve done nothing and you’ve done something (some other guy had that claim).

I’m not doing anything for Scopely unless they put me on a payroll, I’m not one of the wanna be employees that you see on forums daily.

Most people only want to be employees because they want to make the game better. Hell, I think most would rather just make their own company and buy the rights to this game to make it better rather than work for a company like that.

I get it man it’s just so sad what’s being done to the game and the current state it is in so much potential but it is what it is.

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With that, I agree.

Players United will carry on for me as long as they keep selling S class this way. Also need to see some tangible changes for ALL in the game, not just top factions (territories and prizes for top factions only so far).

The fact they think it’s okay to at the very minimum charge players $600 for a character is wild in my mind. And again, that’s the minimum if you super lucky on cakes. It will be into 4 digits most likely.

So no, players United will carry on for me at least until I decide to open my wallet back up.


I do not get why so many are dissing players united. At least they are trying to do something. If unhappy with the game just quit spending like I have, and play completely for free.