So Season 4 is coming

Mayby give us back coins?Remove special gear and add special weapons?Like in Season 1?


They will take more away. That seems to be the normal now. We ask for something to improve the game and they take away more and make it worse


All I want is a disarm and a decap 2nd gen stats and I,lol be happy lol


A disarm with a decap weapon, its coming but will be in the walker tokens :wink: :money_mouth_face:


Well if it’s anything like the TellTale games;
Season 1 is great
Season 2 is pretty good
Season 3 is a garbage fire
Season 4 is great, possibly better than season 1

Let us hope.


which means new Kenny will be there.

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one of the confirmed characters has a weapon already, but for the other character might. Unless they make Juile the other character which would be cool. hopefully they bring back coins

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Kodak has informed us we are getting a decap and disarm next league Woo Hoo

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I dont belive it(but i hope its true).Screenshot or @Kodak_black

hahahahaha be prepared for another disappointment


Ikr :frowning::frowning::frowning::frowning::frowning:

I preferred season 3 more than season 2 because they killed of most of the characters there and it was a lose lose situation either kill kenny my favourite character or kill Jane my other favorite character

Yeah I also prefers season 4 to 1 because I have become more attached to the seasons characters out of any other seasons. Season 1 I was only really attached to lee kenny and clem

Plese if you writing about twd from ttg plese tag #spoiler or somethink bcs some of players didnt end/want to play it.

But yes they kill everyone from season 1(exept clem)I really miss kenny…He was the best.

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Season 3 had more useable toons for me than any other season. Season 2 and 1 were ass imo.

No toon stands out as a must have for anyone so far. For me Shawn has been the best but many disagree

Next characters will have Parting Shot and Tenacity.


The f2p decap and disarm were in the event I made with Sandy and Bruce but this season 4 I’m hearing we will have a f2p shield🛡


People are sleeping on Nik. He will be the most used character out of the 6

If it gona be Koa im gona kill myself.