So scopley , All events are 4 money now hah

So scopley.
No event that a f2p can complete. And all the good prices are for peoples who pay .
How do you want f2p players to stay in game while we’re having completely the same defense and attaque teams for months .

All trainers events are for whales
All gear events are for whales
All tokens are for whales
All s class cards are for whales.

If this continues for a little bit longer expect to see another Players united soon .

Nothing for f2p ? Wtf
War rewards are suck

We need updates in 5* tokens to have more exclusive ascendable toons .
Supplies depot updates : less time to refresh (3 days not 7 ) , more ascendables , more types of energy, more trainers.
War milestones : 200k and 300k milestones with some real good rewards .
War wheels update : it should have only ascendable of an S class .
Lvl up milestones and rewards : I am ok with 2k cards but the other prices are suck . I mean to score top1 you need 150 Benedict and a lot of gears . And the reward is 20 Benedict? Wtf
All wheels should be updated .
We need Armory tokens map .
5* gear map .

All you know is milking peoples ?
Players aren’t cows , even a cow you milk you need to give her food , medic , … so you can keep milking her .
And so far the only thing you’re feeding to your cow (players) is :poop: .


They don’t.


I don’t think you can argue there’s nothing for ftp. But spenders will always get something better. Otherwise they wouldn’t spend.

I agree that events where pretty much the whole thing is stuck behind a paywall are awful. Like the Davie roadmaps, completing one isn’t worth the energy it takes, you need to pay for all 3 for anything half decent.

But we currently have an event where an S-Class toon and gear are obtainable fully ftp.

Scopely still suck in general but this is the wrong time to be complaining about ftp getting nothing.

Disagree. Look at the overview, which does not even include the world energy map part.

Ivanova gives you a Lilith, Sports glove, 1m food in gear markers, 100k+ silver and 100 gold medals, and various other good stuff, for only slightly more than 200 world energy total. That’s a sweet deal, and if I could play it more than once I’d burn a good amount of cans.

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