So sciply can you tell me something?


Why 1/2 pulls from 3year tokens is guardian ezekiel? @JB.Scopely is ezekkel have higher chance to drop like 60%?You give us free pull but i dont want 3rd ezekiel(xd).Plese lower chances to get ezekiel like 4 times


Come on man, we wanna know @JB.Scopely


Why do you get these statistics and remember zeke was given out in an event so new players have no other way of getting him atm.


Yes youre right but its just sad.I dont need 2 ezekiels because only 1 guardian is working


Yellow Conner is pretty common pull aswell as ever the wheel is weighted to the FTP chars otherwise they’d be losing themselves money lol


Better toons have lower chances. I’d bet my account on that.


I didn saw anyone who pulled erica,magna,dante


Personally I’d take the Ezekiel since I didn’t get him when he was free in the Shiva Force event. I’ve actually been wanting him to hopefully boost a team I’ve been working on.


Also if you haven’t seen anyone pull a good character like erika, dante, etc. I’d suggest looking at the official thread where pulls have been getting shared. I’ve seen a few.


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